Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Perak Launches Gold Dinars And Silver Dirhams

Perak today introduced its own gold dinar and silver dirham which are excellent for investment as well as suitable as gifts for important occasions such as marriage dowry, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, new births, and even during corporate events.
The new gold dinar produced by Perak State Economic Development Corporation’s associate company GoldNet International Sdn Bhd, is the purest form of the coins ever produced with a gold content of 99.99%.
Perak Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir told guests during a launching ceremony of the coins at the State Secretariat Building today that the gold dinar and silver dirham had actually existed before the advent of Prophet Mohammad, when the coins were used by the ancient Romans and Persians.
He said the state of Perak has created history by producing the purest gold and silver form of dinar and dirham coins and reviving the original versions of these coins that were minted by Muslims 1357 years ago.
“Personally, I love the unique design of the dinar and dirham of the state of Perak,” said Dr Zambry and added that its design represents history and modernity.
One side of the coin replicates the original design of the first gold dinar minted by the Caliph Abdul Malek ibn Marwan while the other side depicts the crest of the state of Perak.
Dr Zambry said that modern technology has made it possible to mint almost pure 24K gold dinars, and said he hoped other producers of gold dinars in the country who are currently minting 916 versions of the coins would emulate Perak’s move in producing fine gold dinars.
Dr Zambry also stressed that the gold dinar and silver dirham are not meant to replace the ringgit or be used as currencies but are instead, a reliable investment as the value of money reduces over time due to inflation but on the other hand, gold price always goes up and over the last 10 years, has risen by over 400%.
Gold price also rises during times of economic distress and turmoil and it can be used as asset to diversify investments.
I would like to encourage Muslims in the state and elsewhere to use the state of Perak’s dinar and dirham as mahar or marriage dowry in weddings,” Dr Zambry said and also called on the public to use the dinar and dirham of Perak as gifts for memorable occasions.
Meanwhile, GoldNet International Datuk Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff said the price of gold has appreciated 18.5% annually in the past 10 years while the price of silver is rising 12.5% more than the appreciation of gold.
He said that one cannot go wrong when investing in gold and silver, but added that Perak has no intention at this point to push the dinar and dirham as mediums of exchange in the state.

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