Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Color Themes


Since sume keje dah ciap, tadi saje2 search wedding theme gold ref. for reception, ktowg dah decide lama dah nak color white utk nikah, theme arabic..
Utk reception pulak amik color Gold (emas)

This particular gold theme color denotes good taste and you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a good looking ceremony, which is really elegant and extravagant in the same time.

2nd choice pula gold + white..
A truly classic, elegant theme for a wedding is gold and white. The singular selection of white as a wedding theme, accented with gold, creates a truly romantic backdrop for a wedding ceremony or reception. White is a clean color, without distraction, allowing the focus of the event to be on romance shared between the bride and groom. White candles create a luminescent glow throughout the entire reception space, adding to the romance of a white and gold themed wedding.
then google2 lagi, t'nmpk color theme gold combination yg sgt2 sweet..


Gold+ Peach Pink + White

Very sweet n soft kan combination color dia :)  It's natural color of choice this time, to showcase a memorable wedding color themes and of course a classic romantic. a delicate pink color, taken from the natural color of a peach, combined with the color gold, which symbolizes luxury and valor, and white remains the dominant alloy to provide a romantic atmosphere and holy, make it interesting in the wedding color themes. You can place the accent wedding invitations, table decoration, and more. For an invitation you can put the elements of a thick pink peach. and decorated with gold accent strong. While for table decorations multiply the dominance of white with gold, and pink peach is only used as accents on the flowers and centerpieces. For the bouquet, combined with pink gold, ikat pink bouquet dgn gold ribbon. Walla!! ;)

ade jugak combination color gold yg lain..


gold + erin pink

rich purple + gold

Aishh dah rambang mata pulak, huhu.. tp mmg minat lah yg combination gold + peach pink+ white tu, such sweet combination color right? I just love it, tgh mempertimbangkan utk buat combination color ni for our reception nt, color yg sesuai kowt utk our butterfly fantasy theme, hee;)  Kalau korang pulak, korang rasa color mane yg cantik?? :)

Till then, I hope you girls also can find the best wedding color theme for your big day. All the best ya!! (^_^)


  1. waaa...sume cantik2, tp sy rasa wane gold+peach+pink+white tu nmpk lg cantik la wak...sweet n soft colour...mmg nmpk fantasy...hihi :)

  2. @cipoi :: yup sume cantik2, kan, combination color gold+peach pink+white tu look sweet sgt, igt nk amik color tu lah kowt, hee (^_~)

  3. teringin ek ngn warna tu? hihi...em, bley je klu jmpe butik yg bley wat combination warna tu, tp klu x jmpe xmo memilih sgt ek...awk nk kawen pn da x lama lg kn? hehe...


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