Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jom Exchange Link & Follow to keep in touch ^_~

*This is sticky post, pls scroll down for other post*

Salam n hai semua,

Sesape yang nak exchange link, boleh tinggalkan your link di bahagian comment ya .. n sesapa yg dah follow & dah link page lin nih di page dia, especially Group NCOL, Blogger Brides Forever, silent reader n etc., please leave your link here so that I can follow u back n link u back okies. sbb mcm x fair lah kan klu u dh follow n link my blog,tp i x follow n link u back kan,hehe.. so do leave ur link here okay..
*psst.. anyone yg dah already follow n linked me n inform me, i akan cepat je follow n link dia blk rather than yg belum, hehe;) but please make sure that you leave a comment down here okay so that I can trace you since I didn't receive the new follower notification anymore.. Till then, take care!

TQ <3

P/S: sorry lah baru je buat sticky post exchange link nih, coz notification dah xde, tu yg wat sticky post ni

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